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Cloud Director for Service Providers

VMware Cloud Director is a platform that turns physical data center into virtual data centers and runs on one or more vCenters. After you have a working vSphere vCenter, a brief overview of the general workflow for VMware Cloud Director is below:

  • Use vCenter and VCD Service Provider Admin portal to create and configure your virtual infrastructure, including:

    • Creating the Organization(tenant) and its users

    • Creating Roles, Rights, and other related permissions necessary for the tenant users and other software components

    • Creating Base Images and VM Templates that will be uploaded to the vApp catalog of the VCD tenant Organization

  • Use DKP to create and manage clusters and node pools

To see a visual architecture structure as it relates to Tenants, Organization(or Tenant) VDCs and Provider VDCs for VMWare Cloud Director, refer to the page linked here for their documentation under the title: New to VMware Cloud Director.

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