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Cloud Director Explore the Cluster

This guide explains how to use the command line to interact with your newly deployed Kubernetes cluster. Before you start, make sure you have created a workload cluster, as described in Create a New VCD Cluster.

Explore the new Kubernetes cluster

  1. Get a kubeconfig file for the workload cluster:

    When the workload cluster is created, the cluster lifecycle services generate a kubeconfig file for the workload cluster, and write it to a Secret. The kubeconfig file is scoped to the cluster administrator.

    dkp get kubeconfig -c ${CLUSTER_NAME} > ${CLUSTER_NAME}.conf
  2. Verify the API server is up :

    kubectl --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER_NAME}.conf get nodes

    NOTE: It may take a few minutes for the Status to move to Ready while the Pod network is deployed. The Nodes' Status should change to Ready soon after the calico-node DaemonSet Pods are Ready.
    You should receive the following output:

    NAME                              STATUS   ROLES                  AGE     VERSION
    vcd-example-control-plane-9z77w   Ready    control-plane,master   4m44s   v1.26.6
    vcd-example-control-plane-rtj9h   Ready    control-plane,master   104s    v1.26.6
    vcd-example-control-plane-zbf9w   Ready    control-plane,master   3m23s   v1.26.6
    vcd-example-md-0-88c46            Ready    <none>                 3m28s   v1.26.6
    vcd-example-md-0-fp8s7            Ready    <none>                 3m28s   v1.26.6
    vcd-example-md-0-qvnx7            Ready    <none>                 3m28s   v1.26.6
    vcd-example-md-0-wjdrg            Ready    <none>                 3m27s   v1.26.6
  3. List the Pods with the command:

    kubectl --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER_NAME}.conf get pods -A
  4. The output has been shortened, but will resemble the following:

    NAMESPACE                           NAME                                                            READY   STATUS    RESTARTS       AGE
    calico-system                       calico-kube-controllers-577c696df9-v2nzv                        1/1     Running   0              5m23s
    calico-system                       calico-node-4x5rk                                               1/1     Running   0              4m22s
    calico-system                       calico-node-cxsgc                                               1/1     Running   0              4m23s
    calico-system                       calico-node-dvlnm                                               1/1     Running   0              4m23s
    calico-system                       calico-node-h6nlt                                               1/1     Running   0              4m23s
    calico-system                       calico-node-jmkwq                                               1/1     Running   0              5m23s
    calico-system                       calico-node-tnf54                                               1/1     Running   0              4m18s
    calico-system                       calico-node-v6bwq                                               1/1     Running   0              2m39s
    calico-system                       calico-typha-6d8c94bfdf-dkfvq                                   1/1     Running   0              5m23s
    calico-system                       calico-typha-6d8c94bfdf-fdfn2                                   1/1     Running   0              3m43s
    calico-system                       calico-typha-6d8c94bfdf-kjgzj                                   1/1     Running   0              3m43s
    capa-system                         capa-controller-manager-6468bc488-w7nj9                         1/1     Running   0              67s
    capg-system                         capg-controller-manager-5fb47f869b-6jgms                        1/1     Running   0              53s
    capi-kubeadm-bootstrap-system       capi-kubeadm-bootstrap-controller-manager-65ffc94457-7cjdn      1/1     Running   0              74s
    capi-kubeadm-control-plane-system   capi-kubeadm-control-plane-controller-manager-bc7b688d4-vv8wg   1/1     Running   0              72s
    capi-system                         capi-controller-manager-dbfc7b49-dzvw8                          1/1     Running   0              77s
    cappp-system                        cappp-controller-manager-8444d67568-rmms2                       1/1     Running   0              59s
    capv-system                         capv-controller-manager-58b8ccf868-rbscn                        1/1     Running   0              56s
    capz-system                         capz-controller-manager-6467f986d8-dnvj4                        1/1     Running   0              62s
    capvcd-system                       capvcd-controller-manager-dbfc7b49-dzvw8                        1/1     Running   0              77s
    cert-manager                        cert-manager-6888d6b69b-7b7m9                                   1/1     Running   0              91s
    kube-system                         cluster-autoscaler-7f695dc48f-v5kvh                             1/1     Running   0              5m40s
    kube-system                         coredns-64897985d-hbkqd                                         1/1     Running   0              5m38s
    kube-system                         coredns-64897985d-m8g5j                                         1/1     Running   0              5m38s
    kube-system                         etcd-vcd-example-control-plane-9z77w                            1/1     Running   0              5m32s
    kube-system                         etcd-vcd-example-control-plane-rtj9h                            1/1     Running   0              2m37s
    kube-system                         etcd-vcd-example-control-plane-zbf9w                            1/1     Running   0              4m17s
    kube-system                         kube-apiserver-vcd-example-control-plane-9z77w                  1/1     Running   0              5m32s
    kube-system                         kube-controller-manager-vcd-example-control-plane-9z77w         1/1     Running   0              5m33s
    kube-system                         kube-proxy-gdkn5                                                1/1     Running   0              4m23s
    kube-system                         kube-scheduler-vcd-example-control-plane-zbf9w                  1/1     Running   0              4m17s
    node-feature-discovery              node-feature-discovery-master-7d5985467-lh7dc                   1/1     Running   0              5m40s
    tigera-operator                     tigera-operator-5f9bdc5c59-j9tnr                                1/1     Running   0              5m38s

Next Step:

Cloud Director Make the New Cluster Self-Managed

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