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Day 1 - Basic Installs by Infrastructure

This section provides basic installation instructions for your infrastructure using combinations of providers and other variables. A basic cluster contains nodes and a running instance of DKP, but is not yet a production cluster. While you will not yet be ready to deploy a workload after these procedures, you will be able to get familiar with DKP and see the cluster structure. You can think of the install procedures in this section as a sort of quick start guide.

For Custom Installation and Additional Infrastructure Tools refer to that section of the documentation.

Depending on your selected infrastructure, and the requirements of your specific environment, there are additional configuration tasks in the Day 2 section to complete. Production cluster configuration lets you deploy and enable the Day 2 applications, and your workload applications, that you need for production operations.

For virtualized environments, DKP can provision the virtual machines necessary to run Kubernetes clusters. If you allow DKP to manage your infrastructure, look for your supported infrastructure provider installation choices below.

In bare metal environments or any time you would like to provision your nodes manually, see the corresponding Pre-provisioned section.

If not already done, refer to Get Started section of the documentation for:

Scenario Based Installation Instructions

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