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Resource Requirements

To ensure a successful DKP install, there are certain requirements to be met in regards to Control Plan nodes as well as Worker nodes. These resource requirements can be slightly different for different Infrastructure Providers.

The specific infrastructure provider resources are listed in their install sections which are referenced below.

General Resource Requirements

To Install DKP with the minimum amount of resources, please see the list below before beginning installation. You need at least three control plane nodes and you must have at least four worker nodes. The specific number of worker nodes required for your environment can vary depending on the cluster workload and size of the nodes.


Control Plane Nodes

Worker Nodes

vCPU Count




16 GB

32 GB

Disk Volume

Approximately 80 GiB

  • used for /var/lib/kubelet and /var/lib/containerd

Approximately 95 GiB

  • used for /var/lib/kubelet and /var/lib/containerd

Root Volume

Disk usage must be below 85%

Disk usage must be below 85%

If you use the instructions to create a cluster using the DKP default settings without any edits to configuration files or additional flags, your cluster is deployed on an Ubuntu 20.04 operating system image with 3 control plane nodes, and 4 worker nodes which match the requirements above.

Infrastructure Provider Specific

For Specific Infrastructure Providers additional requirements may apply. For example, DKP on Azure defaults to deploying a Standard_D4s_v3 virtual machine with an 128 GiB volume for the OS and an 80GiB volume for etcd storage, which meets the above requirements. See Main Page for Provider for infrastructure provider specific additional resource information:

Kommander Component Requirements:

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