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AWS Infrastructure

Configuration Types

When installing DKP on AWS infrastructure, you can choose from multiple configuration types. The different types of AWS configuration types supported in DKP are listed below.

AWS Diagrams

The following diagrams show the two different ways you can implement DKP Essential and DKP Enterprise on AWS.

This diagram shows the granular detail of a single Kubernetes cluster running in AWS Cloud:

This diagram shows a higher-level view of DKP Enterprise, and assumes a multi-cluster environment, where each cluster might look like the single cluster example above:

AWS Pricing Considerations

Deploying AWS services can incur costs to your organization, depending on how and what you deploy. For more information, see the AWS Pricing Calculator.

AWS Service Limits

When using DKP on AWS, you need to be aware of the possibility of errors due to AWS service limits. For more information, see the AWS Service Limits.

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AWS Prerequisites and Permissions

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