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Upgrade DKP Essential

Steps to upgrade DKP via CLI

The DKP upgrade represents an important step of your environment’s lifecycle, as it ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest features and can benefit from the most recent improvements, enhanced cluster management, and better performance. If you have are on this scenario of the upgrade section of documentation, you have an Essential License. If you haven an Enterprise license, please jump to that section of the Upgrade DKP Enterprise portion of documentation.

Ensure that all platform applications in the management cluster have been upgraded to avoid compatibility issues with the Kubernetes version included in this release. This is done automatically when upgrading Kommander, so ensure that you follow these sections in order to upgrade the Kommander component prior to upgrading the Konvoy component.

If you have more than one Essential cluster, repeat all of these steps for each Essential cluster. For a full list of DKP Essential features, see DKP Essential.

Before you begin the upgrade, ensure you review the Upgrade Prerequisites.

Overview of Steps in Order

This section describes how to upgrade your DKP clusters to the latest DKP version.

Next Step:

If you are in an air-gapped environment, be sure to select that choice to find out how to load your local registry first. Otherwise, your next step will be Essential: Upgrade the Essential Cluster and Platform Applications.

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