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Infrastructure Providers

These pages refer to DKP Enterprise and DKP Gov Advanced products.

Infrastructure providers, like AWS, Azure, and vSphere, provide the infrastructure for your Management clusters. You may have many accounts for a single infrastructure provider. To automate cluster provisioning, DKP needs authentication keys for your preferred infrastructure provider.

To provision new clusters and manage them, DKP also needs infrastructure provider credentials. Currently, you can create infrastructure providers records for AWS, Azure, and vSphere in the DKP user interface.

Infrastructure provider credentials are configured in each workspace. The name you assign must be unique across all namespaces in your cluster.

View and Modify Infrastructure Providers

You can use the DKP user interface to view, create, and delete infrastructure provider records.

  1. From the top menu bar, select your target workspace.

  2. Select Infrastructure Providers in the Administration section of the sidebar menu.

Refer to the information in the linked topics that follow for more information about creating infrastructure providers and clusters.




Delete an infrastructure provider

Before deleting an infrastructure provider, DKP verifies whether any existing managed clusters were created using this provider. You cannot delete an infrastructure provider until you delete all clusters created with that infrastructure provider. This ensures DKP has access to your infrastructure provider to remove all resources created for a managed cluster.

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