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Create an Azure Infrastructure Provider in the DKP UI

Before you provision Azure clusters using the DKP UI, you must first create an Azure infrastructure provider to contain your Azure credentials:

  1. Log in to the Azure command line:

    az login
  2. Create an Azure Service Principal (SP) by running the following command:

    az ad sp create-for-rbac --role contributor --name "$(whoami)-konvoy" --scopes=/subscriptions/$(az account show --query id -o tsv)
  3. Select Infrastructure Providers from the Dashboard menu.

  4. Select Add Infrastructure Provider.

  5. Workspaces If you are already in a workspace, the provider is automatically created in that workspace.

  6. Select Microsoft Azure.

  7. Add a Name for your Infrastructure Provider.

  8. Copy and paste the following values into the indicated fields:
    - Copy the id output from the login command above and paste it into the Subscription ID field.
    - Copy the tenant used in Step 2 and paste it into the Tenant ID field.
    - Copy the appId used in Step 2 and paste it into the Client ID field.
    - Copy the password used in Step 2 and paste it into the Client Secret field.

  9. Select Save.

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