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Create a vSphere Infrastructure Provider in the DKP UI

Next, you must create a vSphere infrastructure provider:

  1. Log in to your DKP Enterprise user interface and access the DKP home page.

  2. Select Infrastructure Providers from the navigation menu on the left.

  3. Select Add Infrastructure Provider.

  4. Choose a workspace. If you are already in a workspace, the new infrastructure provider is automatically created in that workspace.

  5. Select vSphere and add the following information:

    • Add a Name for your Infrastructure Provider.

    • Enter a valid vSphere vCenter user’s name in the Username field.

    • Enter a valid vSphere vCenter user’s password in the Password field.

    • Enter the vCenter Server URL in the Host URL field.

    • Enter a valid TLS Certificate Thumbprint value in the field.
      The TLS Certificate Thumbprint helps to create a secure connection to VMware vCenter. If you do not have a thumprint, your connection will be marked as insecure. This field is optional because you might not have a self-signed vCenter instance, and you only need the thumbprint if you do. The command to obtain this SHA-1 thumbprint for the vSphere’s server’s TLS certificate is listed under the field in the interface.

  6. Select the Save button in the upper right corner of the page.

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