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Cloud Director Service Provider

There is not a “Basic Install” for VMWare Cloud Director since each tenant will have different needs. For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), please refer to Cloud Director for Service Providers section of the documentation regarding installation plus image and OVA export and import for your Tenant Organizations.

Before continuing to install DKP on Cloud Director, verify that your VMware vSphere Client environment is running vSphere Client version v6.7.x with Update 3 or later version with ESXi. You must be able to reach the vSphere API endpoint from where the Konvoy command line interface (CLI) runs and have a vSphere account containing Administrator privileges. A RedHat® subscription is required with username and password for downloading DVD ISOs and valid vSphere values for the following: vCenter API server URL Datacenter name Zone name that contains ESXi hosts for your cluster’s nodes.

If Required - Further vSphere Prerequisites


VMware Cloud Director (VCD) provides a private cloud like experience in data centers. VCD allows creation of virtual data centers for a more self-service of administration tasks. An overview of steps has been provided to help.

The overall process for configuring VCD and DKP together includes the following steps:

  1. Configure vSphere to provide the needed elements, described in the vSphere Prerequisites: All Installation Types.

  2. For air-gapped environments: Create a bastion VM host.

  3. Create a base OS image (for use in the OVA package containing the disk images packaged with the OVF).

  4. Create a CAPI VM image template that uses the base OS image and adds the needed Kubernetes cluster components.

  5. Create a Tenant Organization

  6. Configure Virtual Data Centers (VDCs)

  7. MSP will uploaded the appropriate OVA to tenant organization’s catalog

    1. MSP uses konvoy-image build vsphere to create an OVA

    2. MSP creates a vApp from the OVA

    3. Before the MSP creates a cluster in a VCD tenant, it makes this vApp available to that tenant

  8. User must be able to reach the VCD API endpoint from where the DKP CLI runs

  9. Create a new self-managing DKP cluster on VCD.

  10. Install Kommander

  11. Verify and log in to the UI

Next Step:

For MSPs, please refer to the VMware Cloud Director Infrastructure section of the documentation regarding installation and Tenant Organization creation.

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