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VMware Cloud Director Install Options

For VMware Cloud Director (VCD), an installation scenario is provided for you in this location. Remember, there are always more options in the Additional Infrastructure Configurations sections, but this will get you operative in the most common scenarios.

If not already done, refer to Get Started section of the documentation for:

Special Resource Requirements for VMware Cloud Director:

CPU and Memory

  1. For CPU and Memory, the VCD Provider must create the appropriate VM Sizing Policies.

  2. The Provider must reference these VM Sizing Policies when they create the cluster, using the --control-plane-sizing-policy and --worker-sizing-policy flags.

  3. See regarding parameters like vCPU Speed or CPU Reservation Guarantee that require consideration in VM Sizing Policy. For example, vCPU speed recommendation is a minimum of 3 GHz.


For storage, the VCD Provider must follow Create a Base OS image in vSphere when they create the KIB base image. In VCD, the base image determines the minimum storage available for the VM.

For more information about VCD parameters that can affect performance, refer to VMware Documentation:

Below are all the supported environment variable combinations: (Refer to this page to check if your OS is a Supported Operating System.)

Next Step:

Cloud Director Service Provider

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