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Cloud Director Delete Node Pools

Deleting a node pool deletes the Kubernetes nodes and the underlying infrastructure. All nodes will be drained prior to deletion and the pods running on those nodes will be rescheduled.

To delete a node pool from a managed cluster, run:

dkp delete nodepool ${NODEPOOL_NAME} --cluster-name=${CLUSTER_NAME}

Here, example is the node pool to be deleted.

The expected output will be similar to the following example, indicating the node pool is being deleted:

✓ Deleting default/example nodepool resources

Deleting an invalid node pool results in output similar to this example:

dkp delete nodepool ${CLUSTER_NAME}-md-invalid --cluster-name=${CLUSTER_NAME}
MachineDeployments or "no MachineDeployments or MachinePools found for cluster vcd-example" not found

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