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5. Verify the Proxy: CLI Proxied Access

On the Management cluster:

Ensure you run the following command on the Management cluster. See Provide Context for Commands with a kubeconfig File for more information around switching cluster contexts.

  1. Verify that the following conditions for the TunnelProxy configuration are met:

    kubectl wait --for=condition=ClientAuthReady=true --timeout=300s -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} tunnelproxy/${TUNNEL_PROXY_NAME}
    kubectl wait --for=condition=ReverseProxyReady=true --timeout=300s -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} tunnelproxy/${TUNNEL_PROXY_NAME}
    kubectl wait --for=condition=available -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} deploy  -l control-plane=${TUNNEL_PROXY_NAME}-kubetunnel-reverse-proxy-rp

    The output should look like this:

    CODE condition met condition met
    deployment.apps/${TUNNEL_PROXY_NAME}-kubetunnel-reverse-proxy-rp condition met
  2. Verify that the TunnelProxy is correctly assigned and connected to your cluster:

    curl -Lk -s -o /dev/null -w "%{http_code}" https://${TUNNEL_PROXY_EXTERNAL_DOMAIN}/dkp/grafana

    The output should return a successful HTTP response status:


Now you can access the network-restricted cluster’s dashboards and use kubectl to manage its resources from the Management cluster.

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