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Prerequisites: General Prerequisites for your Cluster Conversion

Information that you need to know prior to converting your DKP Essential Clusters into DKP Enterprise Managed Clusters.

Starting with DKP 2.5, you have the option to convert your DKP Essential Clusters into DKP Managed Enterprise Clusters.


To convert your DKP Essential clusters into DKP Managed Enterprise clusters, ensure the following is valid:

  • A DKP Management cluster with a valid DKP Enterprise License installed

  • At least one installed and running standalone DKP Essential cluster

  • All DKP Essential Clusters are upgraded to the same DKP version as the DKP Managed Enterprise cluster

  • The DKP Essential Cluster you want to convert is self-managed

  • The DKP Essential Cluster you want to convert only contains its own Cluster API resources and does not contain Cluster API resources from other clusters

See the Licenses page for information on how you can purchase a DKP Enterprise license.

Attaching DKP Enterprise clusters is not supported.

Downtime Considerations

Your DKP Essential cluster will not be accessible externally for several minutes during the expansion process. Any configuration of the cluster’s Ingress that requires traefik-forward-auth authentication will be affected.

Access from within the cluster via Kubernetes service hostname (for example, http://SERVICE_NAME.NAMESPACE:PORT) is not affected.

Affected DKP Services

  • dkp-ceph-cluster-dashboard

  • grafana-logging

  • kube-prometheus-stack-alertmanager

  • kube-prometheus-stack-grafana

  • kube-prometheus-stack-prometheus

  • kubernetes-dashboard

  • traefik-dashboard

Other Services

To verify if your services are affected by traefik-forward-auth's downtime, run the following command:

kubectl get ingress -n NS <your_customized_ingress_name>

Look for the field in the output. If this field contains the value kommander-forwardauth@kubernetescrd, your service will be affected by the downtime.


The traefik-forward-auth service is affected starting with the PreAttachmentCleanup conversion stage, and will run normally again after ResumeFluxOperations is completed. Observe the conversion progress to monitor your cluster's current status.

Special Considerations for DKP Insights

If you are a participant in the Technical Preview of DKP Insights, you must uninstall Insights prior to converting your DKP Essential clusters into Managed Clusters.

Following conversion, you can re-install Insights.
See the following page for information about installing and uninstalling Insights in your environment: DKP Insights Setup and Configuration

Next Step

Prerequisites: Prepare your Cluster's Existing Configurations

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