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Prerequisites: Prepare your Cluster's Existing Configurations

Before you convert an Essential cluster into a Managed cluster, review the following information.

SSO Configuration

After attachment, the SSO configuration of the Management cluster applies to the Managed (formerly Essential) cluster. Any SSO configuration of the former Essential cluster will be deleted.

  • If the Essential cluster has SSO configured, but the Management cluster has NO configuration, you can copy your Essential cluster’s SSO configuration (dex-controller resources) to the Management cluster before conversion.

  • If your Management cluster has SSO configured and the Essential cluster has another SSO configuration, you can choose to keep one, or both. To keep the configuration of your Essential cluster, manually copy the dex-controller resources to the Management cluster before conversion. DKP maintains the SSO configuration of your Management cluster automatically, unless you manually delete it.

Domains and Certificates

Any custom domain or certificate configuration you have set up for your Essential cluster remains functional after you turn it into a Managed cluster.

After conversion, any domain or certificate customizations you would like to apply to your Managed cluster must be done via the KommanderCluster. This object is now stored in the Management cluster.

Next Step

Prerequisites: Clone Git Repository from Gitea

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