Verify the Conversion

Run the following commands in the Management cluster. For general guidelines on how to set the context, refer to Provide Context for Commands with a kubeconfig File.

  1. To verify that the conversion is successful, check the KommanderCluster object:

    kubectl wait --for=condition=AttachmentCompleted kommandercluster <cluster name> -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} --timeout 30m
  2. The following output appears if the conversion is successful:<cluster name> condition met

If the condition is not met yet, you can observe the conversion process:

Observe the Conversion Process

You can print the state of your cluster’s KommanderCluster object through the CLI, and observe the cluster conversion process:

kubectl get kommandercluster -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} <essential_cluster_name> -o go-template='{{range .status.conditions }}type: {{.type}} {{"\n"}}status: {{.status}} {{"\n"}}reason: {{.reason}} {{"\n"}}lastTxTime: {{.lastTransitionTime}} {{"\n"}}message: {{.message}} {{"\n\n"}}{{end}}'

The output looks similar to this:

type: IngressAddressReady 
status: False 
reason: IngressServiceNotFound 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:58:18Z 
message: Ingress service object was not found in the cluster 

type: IngressCertificateReady 
status: True 
reason: Ready 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:49:09Z 
message: Certificate is up to date and has not expired 

type: CAPIResourceMoved 
status: True 
reason: Succeeded 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:50:56Z 
message: Moved CAPI resources from attached cluster to management cluster 

type: PreAttachmentCleanup 
status: True 
reason: Succeeded 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:54:47Z 
message: pre-attach cleanup succeeded 

# [...] 

Next Step:

Errors Related to CAPI Resources