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Verify the Conversion Status of your Cluster

Verify the Conversion

Run the following commands in the Management cluster. For general guidelines on how to set the context, refer to Provide Context for Commands with a kubeconfig File.

  1. To verify that the conversion is successful, check the KommanderCluster object:

    kubectl wait --for=condition=AttachmentCompleted kommandercluster <cluster name> -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} --timeout 30m
  2. The following output appears if the conversion is successful:

    CODE<cluster name> condition met

If the condition is not met yet, you can observe the conversion process:

Observe the Conversion Process

You can print the state of your cluster’s KommanderCluster object through the CLI, and observe the cluster conversion process:

kubectl get kommandercluster -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} <essential_cluster_name> -o go-template='{{range .status.conditions }}type: {{.type}} {{"\n"}}status: {{.status}} {{"\n"}}reason: {{.reason}} {{"\n"}}lastTxTime: {{.lastTransitionTime}} {{"\n"}}message: {{.message}} {{"\n\n"}}{{end}}'

The output looks similar to this:

type: IngressAddressReady 
status: False 
reason: IngressServiceNotFound 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:58:18Z 
message: Ingress service object was not found in the cluster 

type: IngressCertificateReady 
status: True 
reason: Ready 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:49:09Z 
message: Certificate is up to date and has not expired 

type: CAPIResourceMoved 
status: True 
reason: Succeeded 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:50:56Z 
message: Moved CAPI resources from attached cluster to management cluster 

type: PreAttachmentCleanup 
status: True 
reason: Succeeded 
lastTxTime: 2023-02-24T14:54:47Z 
message: pre-attach cleanup succeeded 

# [...] 

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