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Monitoring and Alerts

Using DKP you can monitor the state of the cluster and the health and availability of the processes running on the cluster. By default, Kommander provides monitoring services using a pre-configured monitoring stack based on the Prometheus open-source project and its broader ecosystem.

The default DKP monitoring stack:

  • Provides in-depth monitoring of Kubernetes components and platform services.

  • Includes a default set of Grafana dashboards to visualize the status of the cluster and its platform services.

  • Supports predefined critical error and warning alerts. These alerts notify immediately if there is a problem with cluster operations or availability.

By incorporating Prometheus, Kommander visualizes all the exposed metrics from your different nodes, Kubernetes objects, and platform service applications running in your cluster. The default monitoring stack also enables you to add metrics from any of your deployed applications, making those applications part of the overall Prometheus metrics stream.

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