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Pre-provisioned Built-in Virtual IP

As explained in Define the Control Plane Endpoint, we recommend using an external load balancer for the control plane endpoint, but provide a built-in virtual IP when an external load balancer is not available. The built-in virtual IP uses the kube-vip project. To use the virtual IP, add these flags to the create cluster command:

Virtual IP Configuration


Network interface to use for Virtual IP. Must exist on all control plane machines.

--virtual-ip-interface string

IPv4 address. Reserved for use by the cluster.

--control-plane-endpoint string

Virtual IP example

dkp create cluster preprovisioned \
    --cluster-name ${CLUSTER_NAME} \
    --control-plane-endpoint-host \
    --virtual-ip-interface eth1
    --pre-provisioned-inventory-file preprovisioned_inventory.yaml 
    --ssh-private-key-file <path-to-ssh-private-key> 

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