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GCP Install

For an environment that is on the GCP Infrastructure, install options are provided for you in this one location. Remember, there are always more options in the GCP Infrastructure section under Custom Installation and Additional Infrastructure Tools, but this will get you up and running in the most common scenario.

If not already done, refer to Get Started section of the documentation for:

GCP Prerequisites:

  • Verify that your Google Cloud project does not have the Enable OS Login feature enabled.

The Enable OS Login feature is sometimes enabled by default in GCP projects.    If the OS login feature is enabled, KIB will not be able to ssh to the VM instances it creates and will not be able to successfully create an image.

To check if it is enabled, use the commands on this page to inspect the metadata configured in in your project.  If you find the the enable-oslogin flag set to TRUE, you must remove (or set it to FALSE) to use KIB.

  • The user creating the Service Accounts needs additional privileges in addition to the Editor role.

Next Step:

GCP: Create Image

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