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Enterprise: Upgrade the Management Cluster CAPI Components

Upgrade the CAPI Components on the Management cluster.

These pages refer to DKP Enterprise and DKP Gov Advanced products.

For a Pre-provisioned air-gapped environment only, ensure you have uploaded the artifacts.

Upgrade the CAPI Components

New versions of DKP come pre-bundled with newer versions of CAPI, newer versions of infrastructure providers, or new infrastructure providers. When using a new version of the DKP CLI, upgrade all of these components first.

If you are running on more than one management cluster, you must upgrade the CAPI components on each of these clusters.

Ensure your dkp configuration references the management cluster where you want to run the upgrade by setting the KUBECONFIG environment variable, or using the --kubeconfig flag, in accordance with Kubernetes conventions.

Execute the upgrade command for the CAPI components.

If you created CAPI components using flags to specify values, use those same flags during Upgrade to preserve existing values while setting additional values.

dkp upgrade capi-components

The output resembles the following:

✓ Upgrading CAPI components
✓ Waiting for CAPI components to be upgraded
✓ Initializing new CAPI components

If the upgrade fails, review the prerequisites section and ensure that you’ve followed the steps in the DKP Upgrade overview. Furthermore, ensure you have adhered to the Prerequisites at the top of this page.

Next Step:

Enterprise: Upgrade the Management Cluster Core Addons

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