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Create Local Users during the Kommander Installation

Create local users before you install the Kommander component of DKP. If you have already installed Kommander, see Create Local Users after Installing Kommander.

D2iQ does not recommend creating local users for production clusters. See Identity Providers for instructions on how to configure an external identity provider to manage your users.

  1. Open the Kommander Installer Configuration File or kommander.yaml file. If you do not have the kommander.yaml file, initialize the configuration file, so you can edit it in the following steps.
    (warning) Initialize this file only ONE time, otherwise you will overwrite previous customizations.

  2. In that file, add the following customization for dex and create local users by establishing their credentials:
    (info) Replace <example_email> with the user's email address or username.
    (info) Replace <password_bcrypt_hash> with the bcrypt hash of the password you want to assign. You can use the htpasswd CLI to create the hash of a specific password. For example, by running htpasswd -bnBC 10 "" password | tr -d ':\n' && echo, you can generate the hash for the password “password”.

        enabled: true
        values: |
            - email: <example_email>
              hash: <password_bcrypt_hash>
            - email: <example_email2>
              hash: <password_bcrypt_hash2>
  3. Save the kommander.yaml file.

  4. Install Kommander using the customized installation file. See Kommander Customizations | install-config-file for more information.
    After Kommander finishes installing, you have created local users, but you cannot use them until you have assigned them permissions.

You have created a user that does not have any permissions to see or manage your DKP cluster yet. Add RBAC Roles to Local Users to complete the configuration.

Next Step:

Add RBAC Roles to Local Users

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