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Configure an HTTP/HTTPS Proxy for the DKP Kommander Component

HTTP Proxy for the Kommander Component of DKP

After the cluster is running in the Konvoy component from above, you need to configure the NO_PROXY variable for each provider.

For example, in addition to the values above for AWS, you need the following settings:

  • The default VPC CIDR range of

  • kube-apiserver internal/external ELB address

  • The NO_PROXY variable contains the Kubernetes Services CIDR. This example uses the default CIDR, If your cluster's CIDR is different, update the value in the NO_PROXY field.

Set the httpProxy and httpsProxy environment variables to the address of the HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers, respectively. (Frequently, environments use the same values for both.) Set the noProxy environment variable to the addresses that should be accessed directly, and not through the proxy.

For the Kommander component of DKP, refer to more HTTP Proxy information in Installing Kommander with an HTTP Proxy.

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