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Move your CAPI Resources Back to the DKP Essential Cluster

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Restore your Cluster

Move your cluster’s CAPI Resources

Because the created backup does not include CAPI resources, you will also have to move the resources back to the DKP Essential cluster.

Ensure you replace <CAPI_CLUSTER_NAME> with the name of the DKP Essential cluster you were converting in the current workflow. If you accidentally provide the CAPI cluster name of another Managed cluster, the command will move the CAPI resources of the incorrect cluster to the DKP Essential cluster.

  1. Retrieve your Managed cluster’s kubeconfig and write it to the <essential.conf> file:

    KUBECONFIG=management.conf ./dkp get kubeconfig -n <WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE> -c <CAPI_CLUSTER_NAME> > essential.conf
  2. Move your CAPI resources back to the DKP Essential cluster:

    dkp move capi-resources --from-kubeconfig management.conf --to-kubeconfig <essential.conf> -n <WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE> --to-namespace default

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Verify the Restore Process and Retry the Expansion

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