Restore the Cluster

Switch between DKP Enterprise Management and DKP Essential clusters for the following commands. For general guidelines on how to set the context, refer to Provide Context for Commands with a kubeconfig File.

  1. Delete the KommanderCluster object on the DKP Enterprise Management cluster:

    kubectl -n <WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE> delete kommandercluster <KOMMANDER_CLUSTER_NAME> --wait=false
  2. Disable the Flux controllers on the DKP Essential cluster to interrupt the expansion process:

    kubectl -n kommander-flux delete deployment -l
  3. Delete the kube-federation-system namespace on the DKP Essential cluster:

    kubectl get ns kube-federation-system -o json | jq '.spec.finalizers = []' | kubectl replace --raw "/api/v1/namespaces/kube-federation-system/finalize" -f -
  4. Restore your cluster’s configuration on the DKP Essential cluster:

    velero restore create pre-expansion --from-backup pre-expansion --existing-resource-policy update --wait --namespace kommander

Next Step:

Move your CAPI Resources Back to the DKP Essential Cluster