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EKS Install

This section provides instructions to install DKP with EKS in an AWS non-air-gapped environment.

If not already done, refer to Get Started section of the documentation for:

Ensure that the KUBECONFIG environment variable is set to the self-managed cluster by running export KUBECONFIG={SELF_MANAGED_AWS_CLUSTER}.conf.

AWS prerequisites

Before you begin using DKP with AWS, you must have:

In order to install Kommander, you need to have CAPI components, cert-manager, etc on a self-managed cluster. The CAPI components mean you can control the lifecycle of the cluster, and other clusters. However, because EKS is semi-managed by AWS, the EKS clusters are under AWS control and don’t have those components. Therefore, Kommander will not be installed and these clusters will be attached to the management cluster.

Next Step:

EKS: Minimal User Permission for Cluster Creation

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