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DKP Insights Release Notes

Release Summary

Welcome to DKP Insights 0.4.x!

This release provides CIS compliance with kube-bench, extended Insight alert details, and enables users to activate DKP Insights with a licensing key. It also maintains compatibility and support for other packages used in Insights.

Add-on Licensing in DKP UI

If you are enrolled in the Technical Preview of Insights, you can now activate Insights with an Add-on license in the DKP UI.

See DKP Insights Activating a License Key for more information.

If you want to upgrade DKP or DKP Insights to a new version, you must uninstall Insights, upgrade DKP, and re-install a compatible Insights version to continue using it.

CIS Compliance with Kube-bench Scanning

This version of Insights comes pre-configured with an additional 3rd-party scanning tool, kube-bench by Aqua Security. Kube-bench verifies that your Kubernetes clusters run securely, by examining your clusters' compliance with the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark.

See Kube-bench for more information on how this tool has been set up in Insights.

Extended Root Cause Analysis for Polaris Insights

This version of DKP Insights comes with extended alerts for Polaris-reported issues. The alert details now include information on the root cause (RCA) and suggestions for solutions.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

Insights supports the same Kubernetes versions as the DKP platform. For an overview of compatible DKP and Insights versions, see DKP and Insights Compatibility.

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