The newest and oldest Kubernetes versions used with DKP must be within one minor version. For example:

  • latest supported Kubernetes version is at 1.25.4.

  • other Kubernetes versions are supported at 1.24.x

Note: DKP 2.5 comes with support for Kubernetes 1.25.4, enabling you to benefit from the latest features and security fixes in upstream Kubernetes. This release comes with approximately 40 enhancements that you can benefit from like pod security admission, cgroups V2, among others. To read more about major features in this release, visit

In DKP 2.5, the Kubernetes version installed by default is 1.25.4.

Attaching Clusters Versions

When attempting to deploy a cluster with a lower Kubernetes version than the DKP default, you need to build and use an AMI with that lower version of Kubernetes. See Konvoy Image Builder for documentation on building images. Failure to do this could result in a failure to deploy error.

DKP 2.5.0 supports attaching clusters with the following Kubernetes versions:


Compatible Kubernetes Versions