Using the Kubernetes provider

Clouddriver configuration

  1. In order to target Kubernetes for container delivery you must activate the Kubernetes configuration in the Clouddriver section of the Spinnaker service. To do this, change the value of kubernetes.enabled to true.

Figure 1. Clouddriver configuration screen

  1. Also check kubeconfig secret enabled.
  2. Use kubectl to create the kubeconfig and store it in a DC/OS secret named <spinnaker-service-name>/kubeconfig.

Create Server Group

If you have both the provider for DC/OS and Kubernetes enabled, then Create Service Group will prompt you to choose between the two.

Figure 2. Choose Kubernetes or DC/OS

The creation dialog for Kubernetes is straightforward; you simply specify your Kubernetes manifest. In our sample we deliver an nginx instance.

Figure 3. Selecting a manifest image

Since we can deliver to both DC/OS and Kubernetes, a Spinnaker app can have both kinds of server groups.

Figure 4. DC/OS and Kubernetes accounts

For pipelines, there is a deploy stage that lets you specify the Kubernetes manifest as seen here.