Spinnaker 0.3.2-1.9.2



Documentation for DC/OS Spinnaker 0.3.2-1.9.2

DC/OS Spinnaker Service is an autonomous service that makes it easy to deploy and operate on Mesosphere DC/OS. For more information on Spinnaker, see the Spinnaker documentation.

NOTE: The DC/OS Spinnaker service currently only works with DC/OS Enterprise.

WARNING: This is a Community service. Community services are not tested for production environments. There may be bugs, incomplete features, incorrect documentation, or other discrepancies.


DC/OS Spinnaker offers the following benefits:

  1. Based on the DC/OS framework/operator SDK underpinning all DC/OS-certified frameworks
  2. One click install
  3. Automated failure recovery
  4. Automated configuration changes
  5. Automated scaling
  6. High availability
  7. TLS support
  8. Strict mode support
  9. Rack/Zone awareness

Main features

  1. Deliver containers to DC/OS and Kubernetes
  2. Delivery pipelines
  3. Triggers - Dockerhub, Github, Jenkins, …
  4. Notifications - Gmail, Slack, Pagerduty, …
  5. Persistence to S3 compatible store or GCS
  6. OAuth2 authentication