Supported Versions

Understanding DC/OS Percona XtraDB Cluster Services package versioning

Supported Versions

DC/OS and certified package version support policy are described in detail here.

Package Versioning Scheme

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster: 0.2.1-5.7.21

Packages are versioned with an a.b.c-x.y.z format, where a.b.c is the version of the DC/OS integration and x.y.z indicates the version of Percona XtraDB Cluster. For example, 0.2.1-5.7.21 indicates version 0.2.1 of the DC/OS integration and version 5.7.21 of Percona XtraDB Cluster.

Version Policy

The DC/OS Percona XtraDB Cluster Service is engineered and tested to work with a specific release of Percona XtraDB Cluster.

Contacting Technical Support

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