Features of the Percona XtraDB Cluster on DC/OS

DC/OS Percona XtraDB Cluster Service is an automated service that makes it easy to deploy and manage Percona XtraDB Cluster on Mesosphere DC/OS. For more information on Percona XtraDB Cluster, see the Percona XtraDB Cluster documentation.


DC/OS Percona XtraDB Cluster offers the following benefits :

  1. Designed for reliability
  2. Easily configurable to support all Percona XtraDB Cluster design patterns
  3. Provides self health monitoring
  4. Flexible design to suit design requirement (with/without SSL or PAM authentication)
  5. Supports wide range of integration for data collection and persistence
  6. Provides backup and restore faciltity on AWS compatible storages.
  7. Provides Data at rest encryption facility to store data in a secure manner.


DC/OS Percona XtraDB Cluster’s main features are:

  1. Synchronous replication model
  2. Multi-master replication
  3. True parallel replication
  4. Automatic node provisioning
  5. Data consistency
  6. Configuration script for ProxySQL
  7. Configuration of SSL encryption