Percona-Server-MongoDB 0.4.2-3.6.10


Percona-Server-MongoDB 0.4.2-3.6.10

DC/OS Percona Server for MongoDB is an automated service that makes it easy to deploy and manage Percona Server for MongoDB on Mesosphere DC/OS, eliminating nearly all of the complexity traditionally associated with managing a cluster of Percona Server for MongoDB nodes.

WARNING: This is a Community service. Community services are not tested for production environments. There may be bugs, incomplete features, incorrect documentation, or other discrepancies.


Percona Server for MongoDB is a free, enhanced, fully compatible, open source, drop-in replacement for the MongoDB® Community Server. It includes enterprise-grade features and functionality.Percona Server for MongoDB provides enterprises all the cost and agility benefits provided by free, proven open source software that delivers all the latest MongoDB Community Edition features, with additional Enterprise features and a greater choice of storage engines. Along with improved insight into the database environment, the solution provides enhanced control options for optimizing a wider range of database workloads with greater reliability and security.

This DC/OS service installs and configures a MongoDB Replica Set and provides additional features for administration, monitoring and backups.

The DC/OS Percona Server for MongoDB service features:

  • Single-command installation for rapid provisioning
  • Multiple MongoDB Replica Sets within a single DC/OS cluster
  • Storage volumes for enhanced data durability, known as Mesos Dynamic Reservations and Persistent Volumes
  • Simple installation of MongoDB via UI or CLI
  • Support for all Percona Server for MongoDB storage engines, including the WiredTiger, InMemory and MMAPv1
  • Scaling of MongoDB Replica Set Members via UI or CLI
  • Auto-configuration of MongoDB Replica Set Configuration
  • Auto-configuration of system-level users for backups, monitoring and user management
  • Percona Server for MongoDB Auditing support
  • MongoDB TLS/SSL transport encryption (Requires Secret Store feature - DC/OS Enterpise Edition only)