Release Notes

Discover the new features, updates, and known limitations in this release of the Elastic Service

Release notes for Elastic Service version 3.1.0-7.4.1


To upgrade from your current version of Elastic, see the Updates page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Kibana Dashboard issue. (#72)

Release notes for Elastic Service version 3.0.0-7.3.2

Although version 3.0.0-7.3.2 is no longer supported, the following changes were implemented in it. You will need to be aware of these changes when you upgrade to the current version, 3.1.0-7.4.1.


  • Upgraded Elasticsearch and Kibana to 7.3.2. (#45, #47)

New Features

  • Added Prometheus exporter for metrics. (#41)

    New settings are:

    • prometheus_exporter.prometheus_exporter_enabled (boolean, default true)
    • prometheus_exporter.configuration_options (string, default --es.all --es.indices --es.shards)
    • prometheus_exporter.cpus (number, default 1.0)
    • prometheus_exporter.mem (integer, default 128)
    • prometheus_exporter.disk (integer, default 256)
    • prometheus_exporter.disk_type (string, default ROOT)
    • prometheus_exporter.volume_profile (string)
    • prometheus_exporter.readiness_check.interval (integer, default 5, minimum 5)
    • prometheus_exporter.readiness_check.delay (integer, default 0, minimum 0)
    • prometheus_exporter.readiness_check.timeout (integer, default 10, minimum 10)
  • Added Alerts based on Prometheus metrics. (#50, #51)

  • Added Elasticsearch Clusters Overview dashboards based on Prometheus metrics. (#49)

    Check Elasticsearch Metrics Configuration Documentation

  • Exposed (#46)

    New settings are:

    • xpack_security_transport_ssl_client_authentication (string, default optional)
    • xpack_security_transport_ssl_verification_mode (string, default full)
    • xpack_security_http_ssl_client_authentication (string, default none)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Kibana foldered service URL (<cluster-url>/service/folders/kibana) for DC/OS EE only. (#38 #39)