Verifying the Edge-LB installed version

How to a verify the version of Edge-LB you have installed

You can use the DC/OS™ CLI client to find the Edge-LB version that you have currently deployed on the DC/OS cluster.

Before you begin

You must have:

  • Edge-LB installed as described in the Edge-LB installation instructions.
  • The core DC/OS command-line interface (CLI) installed and configured to communicate with the DC/OS cluster.
  • The edgelb command-line interface (CLI) installed.
  • An active and properly-configured DC/OS Enterprise cluster.

To verify the Edge-LB version

  1. Run the following command to find the Edge-LB version:

    dcos edgelb version
  2. Review the command output. The version command displays the current Edge-LB version similar to the following:

    client = v1.7.0
    server = v1.7.0

    This example output indicates that the current Edge-LB API server version is v1.7.0 and the CLI client that is interacting with the Edge-LB server is also version v1.7.0.

For more specific information about the latest supported Edge-LB version and Edge-LB compatibility with the latest releases of DC/OS, see the Edge-LB version policy summary and the version compatibility matrix.