Upgrading Edge-LB

Upgrading an Edge-LB installation

In general, you should regularly update or upgrade the Edge-LB package you have installed to the latest version available to ensure you can take advantage of any fixes and new features that are included in the most recent release.

For information about what’s new or fixed in any release, see the Edge-LB release notes and related documentation.

Before you begin

You must have:

  • Edge-LB installed as described in the Edge-LB installation instructions.
  • The core DC/OS command-line interface (CLI) installed and configured to communicate with the DC/OS cluster.
  • The edgelb command-line interface (CLI) installed.
  • An active and properly-configured DC/OS Enterprise cluster.

To upgrade Edge-LB packages

  1. Uninstall the apiserver package:

    dcos package uninstall edgelb --yes
  2. Expose the packages that are already installed on the running DC/OS cluster:

    dcos package repo list

    The output will be similar to:

    edgelb-pool-aws: https://downloads.mesosphere.com/edgelb-pool/v1.7.0/assets/stub-universe-edgelb-pool.json
    edgelb-aws: https://downloads.mesosphere.com/edgelb/v1.7.0/assets/stub-universe-edgelb.json
    Universe: https://universe.mesosphere.com/repo
    Bootstrap Registry: https://registry.component.thisdcos.directory/repo
  3. Remove the old package repositories using the names exactly as they are shown:

    dcos package repo remove edgelb-aws
    dcos package repo remove edgelb-pool-aws
  4. Add the new package repositories:

    dcos package repo add --index=0 edgelb-aws \
      https://<insert download link>/stub-universe-edgelb.json
    dcos package repo add --index=0 edgelb-pool-aws \
      https://<insert download link>/stub-universe-edgelb-pool.json
  5. Install the new apiserver:

    Use the service account you created when you installed the previous version. For more information about creating and configuring permissions for the service account, see Installing Edge-LB and Service account permissions.

    The configuration file below matches the one created by following the installation instructions.

    tee edgelb-options.json <<EOF
      "service": {
        "secretName": "dcos-edgelb/edge-lb-secret",
        "principal": "edge-lb-principal",
        "mesosProtocol": "https"
    dcos package install --options=edgelb-options.json edgelb

    EdgeLB requires the following options to be specified based on the security mode of the cluster:

    • service.mesosProtocol

      • "https" for permissive or strict security
      • "http" (default) for disabled security
    • service.mesosAuthNZ

      • true (default) for permissive or strict security
      • false for disabled security mode
  6. Upgrade each pool:

    dcos edgelb update <pool-file>