Exposing tasks using pre-assigned ports

How to expose tasks using a pre-assigned port for Edge-LB load balancing

You can expose tasks for load balancing using a pre-assigned port or by assigning a port dynamically.

Before you begin

You must have:

  • Edge-LB installed as described in the Edge-LB installation instructions.
  • The core DC/OS command-line interface (CLI) installed and configured to communicate with the DC/OS cluster.
  • The edgelb command-line interface (CLI) installed.
  • An active and properly-configured DC/OS Enterprise cluster, with at least one DC/OS private agent node to run the load-balanced service and at least one DC/OS public agent node for exposing the load-balanced service.

Exposing a task without pre-assigned ports

This feature allows you to expose task without a pre-assigned port.

Prior versions of Edge-LB only exposed tasks that had a port assigned by the Apache® Mesos® framework. Although most Mesos tasks are assigned a port for execution, the port assignment is not always required. For load balancing, however, a port assignment is required. To satisfy this requirement when you are using Edge-LB, you can manually specify a port in the pool configuration file to expose the task if no port has been previously assigned for that task.