Release Notes

Release Notes for DSE v. 3.2.0-6.7.7

Version 3.2.0-6.7.7


  • Upgraded both DSE and OpsCenter to version 6.7.7.
  • Upgraded SDK to 0.57.3. For more information see the SDK’s Release Notes for:

To update from your current version of DataStax Enterprise, see the Updates page.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow user to explicitly specify path for DSEFS data.

Version 3.1.0-6.7.6

Although version 3.1.0-6.7.6 is no longer supported, the following changes were implemented in it. You will need to be aware of these changes when you upgrade to the current version, 3.2.0-6.7.7.


New Features


  • Removed non-HTTPS resources and references by replacing them with HTTPS versions.
  • Added more directories to the PATH (resources/cassandra/bin, resources/cassandra/tools/bin).
  • Added descriptions for configuration parameters.
  • Updated UI URLs to redirect to correct reference doc pages.
  • Excluded OpsCenter keyspace from list of keyspaces managed by Repair Services
  • Improved Accurate Scheduler Plan status in the UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Used correct YAML markup for TPC-related configurations: TPC CORES, TPC IO CORES, IO GLOBAL QUEUE DEPTH.
  • DSEFS could be enabled independently from DSE Analytics.
  • Ignore error code of nodetool commands; stops command from running indefinitely.
  • Fixed issue where OpsCenter event-plugins were not being saved and were getting lost on restart. Now, alert-sending configurations are persisted between OpsCenter restarts.
  • Fixed OpsCenter UI, which was showing a gray ring after a restart.

Upgrading your cluster from DSE 5.1.10 to 6.7.6

Due to the complexity of upgrading to DSE 6.7, we strongly advise that you attempt the upgrade on a test cluster before upgrading in your production environment. See the update section for specific instructions.