DSE 3.2.0-6.7.7


Build and run cloud-native applications

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Service is an automated service that makes it easy to deploy and manage DataStax Enterprise clusters on Mesosphere DC/OS, eliminating nearly all of the complexity traditionally associated with managing a DataStax cluster. DataStax Enterprise helps customers of all sizes build and run cloud-native applications at epic scale.  Our customers have been using our technology to build personalization, IoT, and Customer 360 type applications, just to name a few. Inside DataStax Enterprise, you will find Solr to power our search capability, Spark for analytics, and a graph database for highly connected data sets. Multiple DSE clusters can be installed on DC/OS and managed independently, so you can offer DataStax Enterprise as a managed service to your organization.


  • Auto-configured OpsCenter (datastax-ops package) or point to external OpsCenter.
  • Multiple instances sharing the same physical systems (requires custom port configuration).
  • Vertical (resource) and horizontal (node count) scaling.
  • Easy redeployment to new systems upon scheduled or unscheduled outages.
  • Consistent DNS addresses regardless of where nodes are located in the cluster.
  • Node placement may be customized via Placement Constraints.

Terms of Use

  • Customers will be at their own risk if any failure arises when using non-default package settings without a service engagement with DataStax.
  • This integration is DataStax licensed and for DataStax Enterprise customers only.