Couchbase 1.0.1-6.0.0

Documentation for DC/OS Couchbase 1.0.1-6.0.0

DC/OS Couchbase Service is an autonomous service that makes it easy to deploy and operate Couchbase Server and the Couchbase Sync Gateway on Mesosphere DC/OS. For more information on Couchbase, see the Couchbase documentation.


DC/OS Couchbase offers the following benefits:

  1. Based on the proven DC/OS framework/operator SDK underpinning all DC/OS-certified frameworks
  2. Supports Couchbase Server
  3. Supports Couchbase Sync Gateway
  4. Supports multiple deployment modes
  5. Automated failure recovery
  6. Automated configuration changes
  7. Automated scaling
  8. Persistent volumes
  9. Rack/Zone awareness
  10. Centralized monitoring
  11. Backup and restore using AWS S3 as backing store

DC/OS Couchbase’s main features are:

  1. NoSQL document-oriented engagement database
  2. First class support of mobile and IoT use cases
  3. Multi dimensional scaling
  4. High availability
  5. N1QL
  6. Full text search
  7. Built-in eventing and analytics
  8. Enterprise grade security