Release Notes

Release Notes for version 2.9.0-5.4.0

Version 2.9.0-5.4.0


  • Upgrade the base tech version of Confluent Kafka to 5.4.0. See Confluent Kafka’s Release Notes for 5.4.0 for details.
  • Updated the SDK to version 0.57.3
  • Updated the scheduler JRE to v11.

Important Notes

  • Confluent Kafka 5.4.0 introduces [KAFKA-7335] - Store clusterId locally to ensure broker joins the right cluster, which means that kafka cluster will store the clusterId locally so that it does not join the wrong zookeeper cluster accidentally. Therefore, if your kafka service is connected to default DC/OS zookeeper, changing the zookeeper path is not permitted. Please check here for more information.

Version 2.8.0-5.3.1


  • Update the base tech version of Confluent Kafka to 5.3.1.
  • Update the SDK to version 0.57.0. For more information, see release notes for previous SDK releases:

New Features

  • By upgrading the SDK, Confluent-Kafka now comes with support for:
    • Quota enforcement
    • Node draining

Version 2.7.0-5.3.0


  • Upgrade the base dcos-commons SDK version to 0.56.2.
  • Upgrade the base tech version of Confluent Kafka to 5.3.0.
  • Oracle JDK is replaced by OpenJDK 8
  • Option to configure new listener config max.connections which limits the number of active connections on each listener.

New Features

  • Added support for DC/OS Storage Service (DSS). See official DSS docs for more details.
  • User can enable advanced service health checks. Option to choose between a simple port-based check and an advanced producer-consumer check based on a custom heartbeat topic.
  • Support for Secure JMX
  • Added marathon service scheduler checks
  • Service will fetch all required resources over HTTPS
  • Autosuggestion available for Service Account and Secrets when launching the service from DC/OS UI