Quick Start


Quick Start JupyterLab with DC/OS



  • A running DC/OS 1.11 (or higher) cluster with at least one node (minimum 1 CPU, 8G of memory and 20GB of persistent disk storage in total)
  • DC/OS CLI installed
  • Marathon-LB

Installing Apache JupyterLab

To install JupyterLab for DC/OS, run

dcos package install jupyterlab --options=options.json

or install it via the Universe page in the DC/OS UI.

JupyterLab requires Marathon-LB and one public agent under which it can be reached. Make sure you specify the public agents vhost during installation time.

Authenticating to your JupyterLab instance

You can run multiple installations of JupyterLab by changing the Service Name during installation. Each instance can have different authentication mechanisms configured.

Password Authentication

The default JupyterLab Notebook password is set to jupyter-<Marathon-App-Prefix>. For example, with Marathon App ID /foo/bar/app, it maps to the password: jupyter-foo-bar.

If you are in the main DC/OS space, the password defaults to jupyter.

Custom Password

You can override the default password under Environment in the Jupyter_Password field.

OIDC and Windows Integrated

You can authenticate with AD FS 4.0 (Windows Server 2016). The OpenID Connect flow will be triggered if both OIDC_DISCOVERY_URI and OIDC_CLIENT_ID are set, since they are the minimal options.

You can choose to enable OpenID Connect authentication. For (optional) authorization you can specify either an email adress: OIDC_EMAIL or User Principal Name (UPN) on Windows: OIDC_UPN

See the installation documentation for more in-depth instructions and configuration options.