cos security cluster oidc modify


Modifying an existing OIDC provider configuration


The cos security cluster oidc modify command lets you modify an existing OIDC provider configuration.


dcos security cluster oidc modify [OPTIONS] OIDC_ID


Name Description
-d, --description <text> Description for the OIDC provider. (Required)
-i, --issuer <text> Issuer of the OIDC provider. (Required)
-b, --base-url <text> Base URL of the OIDC provider. (Required)
-c, --client-secret <text> Client secret for the OIDC provider. (Required)
--client-id <text> Client ID of the new OIDC provider. (Required)
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

Positional Arguments

Name Description
OIDC_ID OpenID Connect provider ID.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos security cluster oidc Manage your OIDC settings.