dcos backup create


Creating backups


The dcos backup create command creates a new backup of your cluster.


dcos backup create --label [label] [flags]


Name Description
--help, h Display help for this command.
--label string The label to attach to the backup.


When you run the dcos backup create command, you must specify a label for each backup. When the command is run, no confirmation output will appear. However, you can run dcos backup list to see if your backup has been created.

$ dcos backup create --label backup-1
$ dcos backup list
BACKUP ID                                         VERSION     STATUS                TIMESTAMP
---------                                         -------     ------                ---------
backup-1-fd4bdc87-889c-48c3-a656-9f8e96474b27     1.13.0      STATUS_BACKING_UP     2019-03-18 23:06:41.836197172 +0000 UTC

Parent command

Command Description
dcos backup Create, delete, list, restore and show backup commands.