Release Notes for 1.12.5

Release notes for DC/OS 1.12.5

DC/OS Version 1.12.5 was released on 13 January 2020.

DC/OS 1.12.5 includes the following components:

  • Apache Mesos 1.7.3-dev change log
  • Marathon 1.7.216 change log
  • Metronome 0.6.33 change log
  • Updated DC/OS UI to 1.12+v2.26.18.
  • Updated Signal service to release 1.6.0

Release summary

DC/OS is a distributed operating system that enables you to manage resources, application deployment, data services, networking, and security in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cluster environment.

Issues fixed in DC/OS 1.12.5

The issues that have been fixed in DC/OS 1.12.5 are listed below. Most change descriptions include one or more issue tracking identifiers for reference.

  • The DC/OS diagnostics bundle now includes Mesos state logs content, located at /var/log/mesos-state.tar.gz. (DCOS-56403)
  • Added support for user managed environment files to mesos systemd units. (DCOS-49092)
  • [Metronome] post-install configuration can be added to /var/lib/dcos/metronome/environment (DCOS_OSS-5509)
  • Changed dcos-zk backup and dcos-zk restore to exit early if ZooKeeper is running. (DCOS_OSS-5353)
  • DC/OS Net: Fix support for big sets in the IPset manager. (DCOS-57506, COPS-5229)
  • Added new diagnostic REST API bundle with performance improvements. (DCOS_OSS-5098)
  • Fixed old diagnostics bundle from increasing diagnostics job duration when job was done. (DCOS_OSS-5494)
  • Updated DC/OS installation to not create nobody Linux user group on the hosts. (COPS-5220, DCOS-59427)
  • Increased number of diagnostics fetchers. (DCOS-51483)
  • Fixed DC/OS overlay networks update comparison to use all fields. (DCOS_OSS-5620)
  • All agent VTEP IPs reserve when recovering from replicated log. (DCOS_OSS-5626)
  • Set network interfaces as unmanaged for networkd only on CoreOS, which fixes an issue that could prevent the overlay network from working properly in some situations.(COPS-5575, DCOS-60956)
  • Fixed DC/OS clients that do not adhere to Exhibitor TLS. (DCOS-57704)
  • Fixed configuration updates for DC/OS 1.12.5 (DCOS-55360)
  • Changed dcos-e2e version to get higher log retention in 1.12, 1.13 and master branches. (DCOS-58001)
  • Fixed incorrect dcos-diagnostics HTTP response status codes for GET/DELETE. (DCOS-58105)
  • Fixed DC/OS clients that do not adhere to Exhibitor TLS for versions 1.12 and 1.13. (DCOS-58361)
  • Fixed DC/OS Backup for Exhibitor TLS. (COPS-5313, DCOS-60918)
  • Added support for Mesos overlay networking to drop agents from the state. (DCOS_OSS-5536)
  • DC/OS now supports multi-role framework in the authorization module. (DCOS-54635)
  • The time it takes to deploy a service with a L4-VIP has been reduced by pruning VIPs, which reduced growth of state messages exchanged among dcos-net processes. (DCOS-56071, DCOS_OSS-5356)
  • You can now delete a service endpoint via Form. (DCOS-21472)
  • You can now save Docker parameters, as expected. (DCOS-45226)
  • Fixed TypeError in ResourcesUtil.getAvailableResources (DCOS-46307)
  • Error message for invalid input in package creation now goes away after updating the field. (DCOS-46413)
  • Fixed an issue where Mesos master memory use seems to increase (DCOS-55315)
  • Fixed an issue where dcos-signal did not report customer ID from customer environments. (DCOS-55882)
  • Fixed issue where Secrets folder can fill up a partition. (DCOS-56481)
  • Fixed potential deadlock in RPC authenticatee (DCOS-57388)
  • Fixed Chrome issue on OS X such that certificates start on 30 June 2019. (DCOS-60205)
  • Fixed an issue where newly added public agents were not showing up in the DC/OS UI. (COPS-5606, DCOS-61274)
  • Fixed an issue where Secrets sometimes disappear from JSON editor in UI (COPS-4928, DCOS-55692)
  • Fixed an issue where the UI form deletes networkNames property from pod endpoints (DCOS-50452)
  • Secret generator no longer produces extra authentication warnings in Enterprise Mesos modules (COPS-4767, DCOS-52793)
  • DC/OS now supports DESTROY_RAW_DISK authorization action. (DCOS-50932)
  • Under heavy load, direct requests to the IAM could be slowed down, making the IAM slow to respond to all requests. Mesos master now uses a login endpoint that goes through Admin Router, reducing the effect of any slow senders. This addresses a rare error condition in which the IAM system can become unavailable, potentially leading to Mesos task launch errors in the strict security mode. (DCOS-56053)
  • Package specific icons are now showing up properly for all services installed from Universe. (DCOS-53674, COPS-4710)
  • Fixed a licensing permissions error, that resulted in the following message, “error getting LicenseID. Got error: Get http://unix/licenses: dial unix /run/dcos/dcos-licensing.sock: connect: permission denied” (DCOS-57291)
  • Updated code to unify frequency between DC/OS Signal EE and OSS; signal now sends telemetry data every five minutes. (DCOS-57281)
  • Updated DC/OS master to accept the most up to date plugins. Pinned the dcos CLI plugins in every DC/OS branch for both OSS and Enterprise versions, and consolidated all dcos cli instantiations into one fixture. (DCOS-57266)
  • Completed work to unify OSS and Enterprise versions of DC/OS Signal. (DCOS-57062)
  • Fixed dcos:mesos:master:framework:role:* ACL giving unauthorized access to tasks. (COPS-4929)
  • Fixed job syntax naming bug on Metronome. (COPS-5208)
  • Fixed MacOS Catalina certificate issue with Chrome 77.0.3865.90 for both DC/OS and Konvoy. (COPS-5417)
  • Added correct icons for services that are installed from Universe, but are not classified as Frameworks. (COPS-4727)
  • The time it takes to deploy a service with an L4-VIP has been reduced by pruning VIPs, which reduced growth of state messages exchanged among dcos-net processes. (COPS-5081)
  • Introduced an HTTP endpoint that accepts a list of agent IP addresses to remove from the Apache Mesos overlay state. It was needed to drop such records for agents that are removed.(COPS-5281 / DCOS_OSS-5536)