Release Notes for 1.11.12

Release notes for DC/OS 1.11.12

DC/OS version 1.11.12 was released on October 10, 2019.

DC/OS 1.11.12 includes the following components:

Release Summary

DC/OS is a distributed operating system that enables you to manage resources, application deployment, data services, networking, and security in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cluster environment.

Issues Fixed in DC/OS 1.11.12

Fixed and improved issues

  • Fix preflight Docker version check failing for docker 1.19. (DCOS-56831)

  • Fix problems with Docker version > 1.19 which added new entries to docker version output. (DCOS-57676)

  • [Metronome] Fix Metronome where it did not use the revive operation.

  • [Metronome] Fix daylight saving issues.

  • [Metronome] Users can retrieve the Mesos taskid of finished tasks. (DCOS_OSS-5258)

  • DC/OS Net: Fix support for big sets in the ipset manager. (COPS-5229)

  • Remove nogroup creation. (COPS-5220)

  • Fix potential deadlock in RPC authenticatee. (DCOS-57338)

  • Fix issue with dcos-signal not reporting customer_id from customer environments. (DCOS-55882)

  • Update command to extract CLI download URLs to variables to make it easy to update them. (DCOS-57266)

  • Fix bug where Mesos master memory use seems to increase. (DCOS-55315)

  • Update to make DC/OS Signal report the license ID. (DCOS-57291)

  • Fix authorization for MULTI_ROLE frameworks. (DCOS-54635) Enterprise

  • Fix AWS Onprem with static backend and security permissive CI. (DCOS-52080) Enterprise

  • Fix issue where Metronome rejects a job with an unused secret. (COPS-4706, DCOS_OSS-5019)

  • Fix LDAP UI issue in which it is too easy to accidentally press the delete button. (COPS-4804, DCOS-54673)

  • Fix LDAP UI issue where modifying any setting in the UI reverts hidden settings to default. (COPS-4857, DCOS-54672)

  • Fix issue where user is unable to filter service addresses/VIPs by name in UI. (COPS-4796, DCOS-54671)

About DC/OS 1.11

DC/OS 1.11 includes many new capabilities with a focus on:

  • Managing clusters across multiple clouds. Enterprise
  • Production Kubernetes-as-a-service.
  • Enhanced data security. Enterprise
  • Updated data services.

Provide feedback on the new features and services at

New Features and Capabilities in DC/OS 1.11


  • Multi-region management - Enables a DC/OS cluster to span multiple datacenters, clouds, and remote branches while providing a unified management and control cluster. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • Linked clusters - A cluster link is a unidirectional relationship between one cluster and another. You can add and remove links from one cluster to another cluster using the DC/OS CLI. Once a link is set up, you can easily switch between clusters using the CLI or UI. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • Fault domain awareness - Use fault domain awareness to make your services highly available and to allow for increased capacity when needed. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • Decommission nodes - Support for permanently decommissioning nodes makes it easier to manage spot cloud instances, allowing for immediate task rescheduling. View the documentation
  • UCR


  • Edge-LB 1.0. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • IPv6 is now supported for Docker containers.
  • Performance improvements to the DC/OS network stack - All networking components (minuteman, navstar, spartan) are aggregated into a single systemd unit called dcos-net. Read this note to learn more about the re-factoring of the network stack.
  • The configuration parameter dns_forward_zones now takes a list of objects instead of nested lists (DCOS_OSS-1733). View the documentation to understand its usage.

Security Enterprise

  • Secrets Management Service
    • Secrets can now be binary files in addition to environment variables.
    • Hierarchical access control is now supported.



  • DC/OS Storage Service 0.1 (beta) - DSS users will be able to dynamically create volumes based upon profiles or policies to fine-tune their applications storage requirements. This feature leverages the industry-standard Container Storage Interface (CSI) to streamline the development of storage features in DC/OS by Mesosphere and our community and partner ecosystems. View the documentation.Enterprise
  • Pods now support persistent volumes. View the documentation.Beta

NOTE: Because these storage features are beta in 1.11, they must be explicitly enabled in the config.yaml file when installing DC/OS. Beta features are not recommended for production usage, but are a good indication of the direction the project is headed.

Updated DC/OS Data Services

  • TLS encryption for DC/OS Kafka, DC/OS Cassandra, DC/OS Elastic, and DC/OS HDFS is now supported. Enterprise
  • Fault domain awareness for DC/OS Kafka, DC/OS Cassandra, DC/OS Elastic and DC/OS HDFS. Use fault domain awareness to make your services highly available and to allow for increased capacity when needed. Enterprise
  • New API endpoint to pause a node for DC/OS Kafka, DC/OS Cassandra, DC/OS Elastic, and DC/OS HDFS. Use this endpoint to relaunch a node in an idle command state for debugging purposes.
  • New DC/OS Kafka ZooKeeper service. View the documentation.
  • You can now select a DC/OS data service version from a dropdown menu in the DC/OS UI.
  • Improved scalability for all DC/OS data services.