Release Notes for 1.11.0 RC 4

Release notes DC/OS 1.11.0 Release Candidate 4

These are the release notes for DC/OS 1.11.0 Release Candidate 4.

To download DC/OS Enterprise, contact: Mesosphere Support.

This release candidate is for testing only and not to be used in production.

DC/OS 1.11 Release Candidate 4 has a number of limitations that will be resolved at GA time.

  • DC/OS 1.11 requires CLI version 0.6.x.
    • Uninstall the existing CLI.
    • Install version 0.6.x using the Install CLI instructions in the dropdown in the upper left hand corner of the 1.11 DC/OS GUI.
    Note: CLI version 0.6.x is not compatible with DC/OS 1.10
Please try out the new features and updated data services. Provide any feedback through our support channel:

New features and capabilities

Apache Mesos 1.5, Marathon 1.6, and Kubernetes 1.9 Integrated.

  • DC/OS 1.11.0 is is based on Mesos 1.5. View the Mesos changelog.

  • DC/OS 1.11.0 is integrated with the latest 1.6 release of Marathon. For more information about Marathon 1.6, consult the Marathon changelog.

  • DC/OS 1.11.0 supports latest Kubernetes 1.9 Container Scheduler. For more information about Kubernetes 1.0 on DC/OS, view the documentation.


  • Fault domain awareness. Use fault domain awareness to make your services highly available and to allow for increased capacity when needed. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • Linked clusters. A cluster link is a unidirectional relationship between a cluster and another cluster. You add and remove links from one cluster to another cluster using DC/OS CLI. Once a link is set up you can easily switch between clusters using the CLI or UI. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • Integrated Remote Regions. Enables “Bursting” to take advantage of ephemeral cloud compute resources. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • Multi-Region Management. Enables a DC/OS Cluster to span multiple datacenters, clouds and remote branches while providing a unified management and control cluster.
  • Decommission Node. Support for permanently decommissioning nodes enables easier maintenance and decommissioning “Spot” Cloud Instances after use allowing for immediate task rescheduling as opposed delayed task rescheduling.
  • UCR


  • Edge-LB 1.0 RC candidate. View the documentation Enterprise
  • IPv6 is now supported for Docker containers.
  • Performance improvements to the DC/OS network stack. All networking components (minuteman, navstar, spartan) are aggregated into a single systemD unit called dcos-net. Please read the note on networking software re-architecture to learn more about the re-factoring of the network stack.

Security Enterprise

  • Secrets Management Service
    • Binary Secret files are now supported
    • Hierarchical access control is now supported.


  • The DC/OS metrics component now produces metrics in Prometheus format. View the documentation.
  • Unified Logging Endpoint to Collect Container (task) as well as System Component Logs.


  • DC/OS 1.11 introduces an implementation of the industry-standard Container Storage Interface (CSI) version 0.1, which enables developers (Mesosphere, community, and partners) to streamline the development of storage features within DC/OS by providing a common API between the Container Orchestrator (DC/OS) and the storage devices. View the documentation. Enterprise
  • Pods now support persistent volumes. View the documentation.

Note: Because these storage features are beta in 1.11, they must be explicitly enabled. Beta features are not recommended for production usage, but are a good indication of the direction the project is headed.

Updated DC/OS Data Services

  • TLS encryption for DC/OS Kafka, DC/OS Cassandra, DC/OS Elastic, and DC/OS HDFS is now supported.
  • Fault domain awareness for DC/OS Kafka, DC/OS Cassandra, DC/OS Elastic and DC/OS HDFS. Use fault domain awareness to make your services highly available and to allow for increased capacity when needed.
  • New API endpoint to pause a node for DC/OS Kafka, DC/OS Cassandra, DC/OS Elastic, and DC/OS HDFS. Use this endpoint to relaunch a node in an idle command state for debugging purposes.
  • New beta DC/OS Kafka ZooKeeper service. View the documentation.
  • You can now select a DC/OS data service version from a dropdown menu in the DC/OS UI.
  • Improved scalability for all DC/OS data services.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Upgrades from 1.10.5 to 1.11.0-rc4 are supported, but not recommended.
  • Upgrades from 1.11.0-rc1 to 1.11.0-rc4 are not supported in 1.11 Release Candidate 4.

Improvements and Major Issues Fixed Since 1.11.0 Release Candidate 1

  • COPS-2201 - Fix dcos-diagnostics crashing after running
  • COPS-2465 - License status is now consistent in a multi-master environment. Enterprise
  • DCOS-16510 - The version of HashiCorp Vault used by the dcos-secretsservice has been updated from v0.5.2 to v0.8.3.
  • DCOS-19050 - If the Vault instance used by dcos-secrets seals itself, the service will now be able to unseal it automatically.
  • DCOS-19500 - Fix cosmos/service/update failure when Marathon is deploying.
  • DCOS-20064 - Support license parameters in Azure and AWS templates. Enterprise
  • DCOS-20396 - Test that bootstrap regenerates cert when old cert does not match new CSR.
  • DCOS-20492 - Cluster sometimes comes up without license when using AWS CloudFormation templates. Enterprise
  • DCOS-20515 - Make licensing version-aware to prevent upgrade failures. Enterprise
  • DCOS-20569 - Include only public attributes of license on diagnostics bundle. Enterprise
  • DCOS-20628 - dcos-vault: fix deadlock in go-zookeeper library.
  • DCOS-20676 - csidevices: fix lsblk parsing of empty string bool values.
  • DCOS-20679 - Make licensing handle a cluster license renewal for same major version during a config upgrade. Enterprise
  • DCOS-20772 - Update znode creation scheme for storing license audit data.
  • DCOS-21000 - Release Marathon plugin with resource full auth bug fix.
  • DCOS-21045 - Update dcos-cluster-linker to not allow a self-link. Enterprise
  • DCOS-21095 - Turn IPv6 overlay off in IPv4 environment.
  • DCOS_OSS-1587 - Support DC/OS install on non-root LVM volume.
  • DCOS_OSS-2070 - Service is not accessible via l4lb VIP from local agent using UCR bridge mode.
  • DCOS_OSS-2105 - UI can show stale task state due to dropped events (Related MESOS-8469 - Fix the problem with Mesos master dropping events in the operator API stream.)
  • METRONOME-100 - Fix for Metronome restart causing duplication of jobs.
  • METRONOME-190 - Add authorized launch queue.
  • METRONOME-191 - Implement start deadline timeout.
  • METRONOME-194 - Support FORBID concurrency policy.
  • Updated marathon to 1.6.322 ( |
  • Updated Mesos to 1.5.x 9840ae1 ( |

Note: The Kubernetes package dependencies are documented here.