dcos edgelb config


Viewing and updating your Edge-LB configuration


The dcos edgelb config command allows you to view or update your Edge-LB configuration.


dcos edgelb config <file> [OPTIONS]

Positional arguments

Name, shorthand Description
<file> JSON file containing the Edge-LB configuration.


Name, shorthand Description
--help, h Display usage.
--verbose Enable additional logging of requests and responses.
--force-insecure Allow unverified TLS certificates when querying service.
--custom-auth-token=DCOS_AUTH_TOKEN Custom auth token to use when querying a service.
--custom-dcos-url=DCOS_URI/DCOS_URL Custom cluster URL to use when querying a service.
--custom-cert-path=DCOS_CA_PATH/DCOS_CERT_PATH Custom TLS CA certificate file to use when querying a service.
--name="<name>" Name of the service instance to query.
--reference Display the configuration reference.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos edgelb Manage Edge-LB.