-h, --help   help for konvoy


  • konvoy apply - Updates certain configuration in the existing kubeconfig file
  • konvoy check - Run checks on the health of the cluster
  • konvoy completion - Output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh)
  • konvoy deploy - Deploy a fully functioning Kubernetes cluster and addons
  • konvoy diagnose - Creates a diagnostics bundle of the cluster
  • konvoy down - Destroy the Kubernetes cluster
  • konvoy get - Get cluster related information
  • konvoy image - Run Konvoy CLI images related actions
  • konvoy init - Create the provision and deploy configuration with default values
  • konvoy provision - Provision the nodes according to the provided Terraform variables file
  • konvoy reset - Remove any modifications to the nodes made by the installer, and cleanup file artifacts
  • konvoy up - Run provision, and deploy (kubernetes, container-networking, and addons) to create or update a Kubernetes cluster reflecting the provided configuration and inventory files
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