Addon Catalog

Deploy applications to your Kommander Projects

Kommander can also deploy services from a catalog of current cloud native services with the push of a button. This helps organizations quickly deploy services to multiple clusters. Governance-based access to data services ensures roles and responsibilities are maintained.

Kommander can be extended with the AddonRepository resource that point to git repositories containing application addons. For example, the kubeaddons-enterprise repo contains addons such as Jenkins and Kafka with specific settings for each cloud provider. Addons can be composed using either Helm V2 charts or KUDO operators.

Example AddonRepository resource to add a new repository to your catalog:

kind: AddonRepository
  name: kubeaddons-enterprise
  namespace: project-namespace
  priority: "20"
  ref: “stable-1.16”

To deploy an addon, select a Project from your Workspace and select the View Catalog button to browse the available addons from your configured repositories.

To customize an addon before deploying it, you can customize the helm chart values or KUDO parameters of a service before deploying it.

Deploy Platform Service

After an addon is deployed in a project, the service is installed to all clusters in that project.