Azure Static Credentials

Configuring an Azure Cloud Provider

Configuring an Azure cloud provider

Before you configure an Azure Cloud provider it’s necessary to install the Azure CLI

Create a new set of credentials using CLI commands

To provision an Azure cluster, you need Azure credentials. Those can be obtained by:

  • Having the Azure CLI installed and set up
  • Having Contributor and User Access Administrator rights on Azure

The following commands create an active directory service principal, to delegate to Kommander, for creating Konvoy clusters:

az login

Determine the SUBSCRIPTION_ID of your account, named id in the output of the following command:

az account show
  "environmentName": "AzureCloud",
  "isDefault": true,
  "name": "ACME Enterprises Subscription",
  "state": "Enabled",
  "user": {
    "name": "",
    "type": "user"

Create the service principal for the provide. Ensure you replace SUBSCRIPTION_ID with the id from the previous command output:

az ad sp create-for-rbac --role="Contributor" --scopes="/subscriptions/SUBSCRIPTION_ID"

The command returns data needed to create the secret:

  "appId": "APP_ID",
  "displayName": "name",
  "name": "http://name",
  "password": "PASSWORD",
  "tenant": "TENANT"

The service principal additionally needs to get the role User Access Administrator assigned. Replace APP_ID with the appId value from the output of the previous command:

az role assignment create --assignee "APP_ID" --role "User Access Administrator"

Fill out the Add Cloud Provider form

In Kommander, select the Workspace associated with the credentials you are adding.

Navigate to Administration > Cloud Providers and select the Add Cloud Provider button.

Add Cloud Provider

  • Select a name for your cloud provider for later reference. Consider choosing a name that matches the AWS user.
  • Fill in App ID with the APP_ID value.
  • Fill in Password with the PASSWORD value.
  • Fill in Tenant with the TENANT value.
  • Fill in Subscription ID with the SUBSCRIPTION_ID value.
  • Select Verify and Save to verify the credentials are valid and to save your provider.

Azure Cloud Provider Form with values

Figure 8 - Azure Cloud Provider Form with values

After the provider is created, a Cloud Provider’s display name or credentials can be updated.